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Whether you just want to send a one-time press release, or several releases each week, makes it easy. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to distribute just one press release, you can upload your company’s news to for a low, flat rate. We don’t charge extra if your press release is beyond a certain word count. We don’t charge more if you’d like to include a high-resolution photo. Just choose one of our two flat rate structures–that’s it.

  • There’s no need to find the right news outlet to distribute your press release. Journalists visit on a regular basis to find what the news that interests them, and we make it very easy to find what they’re looking for with instant email updates and highly searchable content.
  • You can publish several hi-res images to accompany your press release without clogging a journalist’s “In” box.
  • ensures that your press release is properly formatted and easy to download on any platform (Mac, PC, tablet, mobile, etc).
  • Your press release is only viewable/downloadable by qualified journalists, not the general public.
  • is easy and fast (even fun) to use. Login, pay with a credit card on file, upload your release/image(s) and get on with your life.
  • We offer more than hosting. We can even write your press release for you if you like.
  • Your press release remains on for 60 days so journalists have ample opportunity to view/download it.

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